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Hello there and welcome to my website.

I'm Mia, a highly educated and well-travelled massage therapist, Companion and Mistress catering to those who appreciate the finer things in life. I want to provide the best experience possible, so please take a look at the rest of my site to decide if I'm the right fit for you.

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon...


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Independent Escort London


Introducing Mia Honey.

A very warm welcome to the delectable hive of Mia Honey.

I am a highly educated, well-travelled and experienced English massage therapist, Companion and Mistress, working predominantly in London, but also across mainland Europe and globally.

An intoxicating, free-spirited beauty with a lust for life…

I am a warm and sensual young lady, often told I have an excellent sense of humour. I am intuitive, perceptive, beguiling and enchanting... I pride myself on my friendly disposition which will immediately help you unwind and put you at ease. 

I speak a dazzling array of languages and am constantly craving mental stimulation. If you stimulate my mind, that is when I truly come alive…

A sublime cocktail of elegance, debauchery and mystique, the ultimate GFE…

I am perfectly put together, take pride in my appearance and dress beautifully, making me as much fun at a formal, decadent public event as in a more intimate setting. 

I enjoy connecting with people, so take me to dinner or allow me to be your business travel acquaintance, where I can get to know you better, and let our eloquent conversation thrill and tantalise both you and others around you. 

I love to travel and let my curiosity run wild when I lose myself in new cities, enjoy a sweaty hike to escape the bustle and let myself bask in the ample beauty of the natural world.

I’m told I’m an excellent cook, a decent card player and avidly read in those rare, quiet moments.

I enjoy a good single malt.


My silhouette stands at a petite 5ft 3"/160cm and my curves shadow a 32B/70B. I like to take good care of my mind and body with yoga and cross-fit training, which keeps my petite frame at a slim, toned and svelte 50kg/110lbs. 


I am an all natural Fleur d'angleterre, but my exotic looks originate from my Indian heritage. I am 28 years young, a sweet and sexy minx, sometimes coquettish, sometimes a sensual siren. Take your time to awaken all sides of me...

I have long, luscious raven locks which flow down my back, soft, kissable, honey-coloured skin, a scrumptious derrière and large enticing brown eyes which I'm told are my best feature.

I’m often smiling :)

100% real, genuine and verified  

Ladies and Gentlemen...If this appetiser has peaked your intrigue, made your spine tingle and set your pulse racing, use the booking form to enter the exquisite realm of Ms. Mia Honey. 

All of my images are an accurate representation of me and verified for authenticity.

So grab yourself a glass of wine and peruse my gallery.

Mia Honey

Follow me on Twitter: @MiaHoneyLondon


Some of my specialist skills...

NEW - Socially Distanced Virtual and Phone Packages 

Please refer to my Donation page to find out more.

GFE and the Art of Tantra

 I am well-trained and highly skilled in several specialist forms of massage and can take you, or you and your partner on a fully immersive, sensual and therapeutic journey which will engage all of your senses. 

This purely blissful session of indulgent, decadent pampering will simply blow your mind...

Some of the techniques I have studied are:

The Art of Tantra/Tantric Massage – An authentic, delectable Body2Body massage originating from my home country, India. 

Tie & Tease – A racy session of complete surrender to your decadently latex-clad Mistress.

Aqua Massage – A wet n’ wild bathing ritual to rouse your senses which uses heat to fully relax your muscles.

Swedish Massage – A therapeutic, deep tissue massage.

Lomi Lomi – A rejuvenating and invigorating massage originating from tropical Hawaii.

Ayurvedic Indian Scalp Massage – A purely pampering aromatherapy session. Simply rest your weary brain in my lap and allow me to stimulate your nerves to improve mental function. You’ll feel spoiled rotten and brand new!

Ashiatsu – A balancing and restorative massage from Japan, utilising my nimble toes as well as hands to knead your pressure points, providing you with sweet relief from all your aches and pains.

Something Kinkier - Your Mistress and Deity

I am a highly experienced Domme. You are also invited to explore your submissive side as you relent to your beautiful new Mistress. Petite, toned and svelte with caramel skin and perfect small feet, a package which simply demands worship. Approachable yet assertive, petite but powerful. A delectable honeypot awaits your discovery…


Rates of Engagement

Thank you for your interest in spending time with me. Below you will find the rate structure for the donation I request for my time, companionship, and entertainment only. Where possible, e-Payment is preferred. Cash and Crypto are also accepted. Gratuity should be presented discreetly within the first 5 minutes of our meeting on whichever medium. 

In the interest of transparency, my packages are all-inclusive. Travel costs do not apply to London/neighbouring airports/all UK cities/Most western European countries and Manhattan. Travel costs outside of these areas are not included. 

For formal and promotional events, a week's notice is advised. 

There is no additional gift for couples :)

NEW - Virtual Packages

Require a sympathetic ear, gaming partner, cosy movie night companion or simply want to see me naked? ;) My digital and phone packages are now live and require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Timezone is GMT, UK time.

A £40/$55 deposit is required to confirm your digital or phone date. Screening is not required but please note that all types of recording during the date are forbidden. 

P.S. All role-playing requests are welcome ;)

Yoni Live Once

15 minutes £75/€85/$100

Brief Encounter

30 minutes £150/€170/$200

Digital Delight

1 hour £300/€335/$400

Additional hours 


I'm basically your Screensaver

For extended digital dates, please inquire as price is on application.

Please email ms.miahoney@gmail.com directly for virtual or phone date inquiries. Please use the booking form for in-person date inquiries.


NEW - OnlyFans

Can't contain your excitement? Want to keep up with all my exploits? Find me uncensored on my new OnlyFans page

1 month



NEW - Phone Date

Want to hear my cute accent, tell me about your day or what you want to do to me? ;)

Wistful Whispers

15 minutes £40/€45/$55

Coveted Candour

30 minutes £70/€80/$95

Lustful Lullaby

45 minutes £100/€115/$135

Aural Ascension

1 hour £120/€135/$160


NEW - WhatsApp/Hangouts 

Drifting off during a boring work meeting? Stay connected with me where ever you are. 

Per Love-note £4/€5/$6


In-person Packages

NEW - Socially Distanced Date

1 hr £300/€350/$400

Additional hours 



Companion/Goddess/Mistress Dates

Strictly 15 days apart until further notice. You must not have travelled for two weeks prior to our date.

Insightful Introduction

1 hr £600/€700/$800

Fleeting Fun

90 mins £700/€800/$900

Rapturous Rendezvous

2 hours: £800/€900/$1000

Enamoured Encounter

3 hrs: £1000/€1100/$1200

Lascivious Libation

Dinner date (4 hrs): £1200/1350/$1500

Tantalising Tryst

10 hours (including breakfast or dinner): £2400/€2670/$3000

Lustful Liaison 

12 hours (including breakfast and dinner): £2800/€3120/$3500

Passionate Pairing 

24 hours: £5000/€5500/$6000

Extended Engagement

36+ hours: POA.

With very few exceptions, I will kindly request a £100 deposit (or 50% if outside of London). This can be either via e-payment, or as an anonymous gift e-voucher. This gesture on your part will reassure me that you both value my time, and are serious about our date.

I am based in London but my civilian life involves a great deal of travel. Please give me one weeks notice for bookings and notify me if you need to cancel as soon possible. Manners will get you everywhere...

Deposits are non-refundable during an international tour. 


Are absolutely not expected or encouraged. However, if you insist, I have a short list here.

Mia's Friends

Double Trouble, Twice blessed

For your enjoyment, I can invite one of my beautiful girlfriends to join us for our sessions. To view more information about each of these ladies, click on her photo!


Kio Jones
The exotic wild rose with a decadent bloom
Packages with Kio Jones start at £1200 GBP

Claudia Taylor
Sensual, sophisticated siren who loves to lead you astray
Packages with Claudia Taylor start from £1200


Serena Sahir
Angelic Arabian Princess
Packages with Serena Sahir start at $2500 USD


Rules of Engagement

-Please be prepared to be screened for my safety. You may submit a copy of your photo ID/license which show your name, other details should be redacted. A professional profile or Linked In verification, OR a reference from another independent provider will also be accepted. 

- To confirm that your booking is genuine, I will request a deposit to cover my travel expenses in advance, (£100 or 50% of the booking fee if outside of London). This can be either via e-payment, or as a discreet gift voucher. This gesture on your part will show me that you both value my time and are serious about our date :)

- My donations are accepted in pounds sterling, euros or dollars. Please provide this in an unsealed envelope, at the very start of the session. E-payment and other transfers are also accepted.

- In the interest of transparency, my packages are all-inclusive. Travel costs do not apply to London/neighbouring airports/all UK cities/Most western European countries and Manhattan. Travel costs outside of these areas are not included. There is no additional gift for couples.

- I will likely request a video call icebreaker prior to our date, to ensure mutual compatibility.

- I am seeking longer term, pragmatic arrangements with like-minded patrons, who not only appreciate banter, intellect and wit, but encourage it in a young woman.

- You are courteous and well-mannered. I offer company, conversation and class. If you are looking for an impersonal rendezvous, I am NOT the woman for you.

- Please ensure you have immaculate personal hygiene.

- I am a non-smoker but do not mind if you smoke, I do ask that you refrain from excessive indulgences and becoming inebriated as it will only detract from the enjoyment of your session. 

Book Me

Getting ready for our date.

I'm so glad you're thinking about spending time with me. Our date requires just 4 simple steps.

1. Introduce yourself

Now that you have perused my website, it’s time for you to tell me about a little about yourself...To ensure we get off to a great start, please introduce yourself with the proper etiquette using the booking form below.Think carefully about what has attracted you to my personality and your expectations of our date, then kindly email me with the following details:

Your name, city of meeting, date, time and duration. A week's notice is advised.

 The more information you give me beyond a one-liner, the faster you will pass my screening process. Vulgar messages and messages without sufficient information will be ignored. Please be mindful of how you draft your initial correspondence. I am very selective, as I’m certain you are too.

2. Safety screening

Please be prepared to be screened for my safety. You may submit a copy of your photo ID/license which show your name, other details should be redacted. A professional profile or Linked In verification, or a reference from another independent provider will also be accepted. 

3. Deposit

With few exceptions, I do request a £100 deposit (or 50% if outside of London), to reassure me your booking is genuine.This is fully refundable for cancellations with respectful notice. In the interest of transparency, my packages are all-inclusive. Travel costs do not apply to London/neighbouring airports/all UK cities/Most western European countries and Manhattan. Travel costs outside of these areas are not included. There is no additional gift for couples.

4. Icebreaker call

To ensure mutual compatibility, I will likely arrange a video call icebreaker which will also help to soothe and relax you prior to our meeting. A little anticipation is normal but I’m certain you’ll be at ease within moments of meeting me.

My Location/Availability

I am a part-time companion with a prospering career, so un/fortunately, I am very busy. Whilst I can sometimes accommodate or make an exception for my dearest patrons, I do not appreciate last minute bookings.

Please provide me with the courtesy of at least one week's notice.

I predominantly work in London where I can travel to see you, or provide incalls in Central London. However, if you'd like to brighten up your next business trip, my passport and I are both travel ready! Watch enthralled as I adapt and merge seamlessly into your world, titillate your colleagues with my delightful banter and make you the envy of those around you.

Lunch, dinner and languid/travel dates are by far my favourite. It's here our chemistry will unfold most organically.

So...now there's nothing left to do but to use the form below to bring you one step closer to your lavish treat...

Launch Booking Form